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I’ve recently flashed tablet and realized that current /e/OS is not great as it needs a lot of tweaking for it to be working as most users expect. For example the default Bliss launcher does not support rotating screen and icons are funnily small so first impression is far from great. I ended up using the Lawncher2 as it is flexible and allows larger icons and does support rotation. Also the default layout of apps and their selection is kinda funny, especially on tablets without SIM the phone focused default does not make much sense. Has there been any effort on this front I failed to find tablet specific builds? I am willing to do the work if there is interest and there would be more people involved.

While I think, things will come, as murena has published they are working on the release of a tablet
I think it would help to see what’s not great, as this may help to understand…

On a Samsung SM-T810 (unofficial by @ronnz98)

My biggest issue, is the calendar:

This is on default settings for fonts… but some strange resizing goes on… and it changes as you scroll

Did you sent a bug report for this? I just checked and have the similar font issues also on my S5e Tablet for the calendar app. I do not use the calender app though, I use aCalender…

As /e has no supported tablet yet, that did not seem to make much sense!??

Can you be more specific? Which tablet and which apps?
It is generally know that Android is not well optimized for tablets.
However, rotating screens works with Bliss launcher. I never had issues with this.
Also icon and text size are adaptable (at least on my S5e Tab it seems fine) and should work.

Well, Murena plan to release an /e/OS tab and I assume they would be happy to receive feedback for /e/OS on tablet prior to the release of the tablet (I bet it will the the Pixel tablet…)

You may be interested in this issue [Add Feature] Landscape mode – #788 – comment. I believe that fixing the landscape issue is part of the “roadmap” before an /e/ tablet is available.

Bliss, tablet held in landscape…

So this is still to come, which I mean by writing While I think, things will come

Ah now I know what you mean. I personally never liked this feature when being on the home screen when I had an iPad and loved the screen lock switch. However when using an app this feature is useful and should work with Bliss. But I do agree that this is a feature that is useful for tablets (and also the option to disable it for the home screen :slight_smile: )

It is just strange, when you have your apps in landscape and switch between them all day

…and then you press the home button:

Same here, you swipe up the lock screen… then Bliss is in portrait

I landscape, too?

yes, but a little better. With aCalendar it looks better for both

The lock screen is also fixed and when you for example use the tablet with external keyboard these non rotating screens are very inconvenient. For example in our household most of the time tablets are in landscape mode.

Well also a bit hidden – search for rot in settings…

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Thanks, this should in tablet be allowed to rotate by default,.

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