Tablet for e/OS

Hello all,

we are using e/OS on us Fairphones since january and we would like to use e/OS also on the tablet. We are using an Samsung SM-T590 Galaxy Tab A, so not compatible with e/OS.

Are there any new tablets with e/OS available for purchase? I haven’t found one yet. Or can anyone recommend a tablet that works well?

Very thanks :slight_smile:

Please, please add a tablet sometime.

Whether I can now choose from 150 or 160 phones is no longer that important.
Now everything should slowly be expanded so that you can also delete the lousy octopus on the tablet.


[LIST] /e/OS Supported Tablets


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Hi, Pl browse to this page which has the list of officially supported devices
By clicking on the looking for a specific model.... you can open a simple search

Here select the option under ‘Device Type’
This would display the result as pointed out by @piero as well

You can also check this list for potential future additions to the list …


Very thanks for the reply and the nice list of devices. I think now I will find what I am looking for. :slight_smile: