Tablet request: Galaxy Tab A8

I would like to request a version of /e/ for the following device:
Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 10.5 LTE
Model-Number: SM-X205
Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 10.5 Wifi
Model-Number: SM-X200

more information

Thank you for considering my question,
Bonbonkocher ( Jens )

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Welcome @Bonbonkocher, have you checked devices’ XDA community ?

As you can see, seems that - actually - GSI is the way to go:

BTW, if you wish for a “native” build, you need to seek comprehensive (re)sources for these devices:

Last but not least, reformatting the request like this one could better help builders.

Hopt that helps !

Hello, first of all, thanks for the answer.

I have been dealing with this since your reply.
But I can’t get it to work, I tried without the DSU sideloader

I’ve tried many options
and yes, my Galaxy Tab A8 LTE is unfortunately still alive with the original software, root and superuser, but I don’t like what Samsung has installed for it, it’s annoying when you only have 32GB and have to make a final decision

for me when I try to flash gsi
SuperiorOS A13 arm64 bvS
original recovery.img from the AP.tar

I always get into the bootloop
1x I even received a message from Samsung support asking me to get in touch :joy:
The thing was dead for 3-4 days

I recommend trying the GSIs you want to flash with DSU sideloader first. If they don’t boot, the GSI simply doesn’t work on your device. If there is a working GSI, you can try to flash it.

+1 For the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 , codename SM-X200

Did anyone got the GSI working? I am wondering if I should give it a try or go with los

For now you need to have Samsung/gogol android 10 as a base to be able to install “e-1.xx-q-gsi”,
That is not possible on your device…

You mean like the recent tab 8 doesn’t have custom rom available?