Tablet request: Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 (LTE) (2016)

I would like to request a version of /e/ for the following device:
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0" (LTE)
Model-number: SM-T715

I have noticed that there is a version for a very similar device, namely the WiFi-only version of this tablet. (with model-number SM-T713). For more information about this version:

I just mention it in case this version can be used to make the LTE version.

Thank you for considering my question,

Hi @Robbert,

I am interested in your question (I thought that, if /e/OS worked on the wifi version of a device, it would work on the wifi+4G version as well…), let’s see the answers from the experts :slight_smile:

Hi Sonyxa2,
Thank you for your response.
I admit that I have no idea on whether the wifi only version can be used on the wifi+4G version or not.
But before studying the tutorials and before trying to install the OS, I thought it would be a good idea to adress this topic on the forum first.
But no response seems to come.

To sonyxa2:
Do you maybe have any experience with wifi-only versions that function on wifi+4G versions of some hardware you own?

Thank you,

Kind regards,

Hi @Robbert,

Unfortunately I have a very limited experience, only with (you might have guessed) a Sony XA2 smartphone (you can see that from the posts in the forum) … and no more devices compatible with /e/OS. Actually, I do have an old smarphone Samsung SM-G386F, but if I am not wrong, it was not considered (but let me check again, if I am not wrong, I tried to require it in the past…)

From this post, it seems there is 1 request for this model:

OK, I understand it will not happen soon :slight_smile: