Tablets like Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2016 [SM-T585]


I’m wondering whether /e/ will be available on tables at some point. I have an aging Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2016 [SM-T585] which soon won’t see any updates from Samsung anymore. And since I’m really happy with /e/ on my Fairphone 2, it’d be cool to have the same on the tablet.

As an alternative, an unofficial version of Lineage exists for this hardware, but I’d prefer /e/ for sure:


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I’m using an unofficial build for my lenovo tablet, and it works really well. Do you know how to make a build yourself? There are guides on the forum for how to do it. There are also people who make unofficial builds for others, search the forum for it!

Unofficial builds are booming, although they are usually neither further developed nor do they regularly receive security leases.

Unofficial builds are like record flies if they aren’t maintained promptly.

It is best if the user learns to build a ROM himself. Then he has the best chances for a long life of his device.

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an unoffical /e/

It runs smootly om my tablet