Task app issue with recursivity option


I’ve the eOS v1.10 S on a galaxy s10+.
I remarked that the task app (opentask) has an issue with the recursive option.

If we create a task which is recursive over many days (by me, I wanted it recursive for each day word).
Then after having stored it, then edit again, it’s not possible to access on this option any more.

Is that issue known?
Possible to fix it?

Wish you have have a nice time.


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AFAIK is this feature is missing and requested since long time. The workaround is to use a task manager from a computer. Thunderbird, for example

Hello thx for the answer.
I 'm not usre to have well understand the workaround.
Do you means to use an other task app on computer to synchonise with it?

the problem seems to be that the phone app seems to be not synchronized with the cloud app.
That’s opentask I think.
This one seems to have no recursive in option too.
Would be fine if the EOs team could consolidate it…

Sorry for being unclear/cryptic.

Say you have a recurrent task such as lessons each week on monday for six months.

If you schedule the lessons as recurrent on computer with Thunderbird, kept in sync with murena cloud or another one, you will have all the lessons on your (synced) e/OS phone.

If the sync is not working on Murena cloud, try to remove the Murena account from the phone and then set up it again. It worked for me a couple o weeks ago.

I can’t say if it is possible to schedule recurrent tasks from the Murena web interface