Tasks application

Since last version or the version before (I don’t remember), there is 2 applications for tasks gestion on m’y fairphone2 with /e/OS 0.9 2020051153544 : One named opentask and the other named tasks.
How to delete one of them since they are both part of the original package ?
Thanks a lot for your help,
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If those two apps can’t be deleted in Settings > Apps > Show all apps > OpenTask/Tasks > Delete, then the only way to delete one of them is through the file manager of TWRP (or being rooted), but it’s not a clean method.
So in this case, the only thing to do is a clean install of /e/OS. This way you will only have one Tasks app.

But the simpliest thing to do is to put one of the Tasks apps you don’t want or that doesn’t work in a “Useless” folder and forget it :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the answer, I think I will try to do a clean install of the eOS because I need to make some place on my memory’s phone !
Have You got a link to do that clean install please? Is it easy to do?

Thanks again!