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I use ksync and it can synchronizes my infomaniak tasks with OpenTasks ,
I know that Task from /e/ is OpenTasks but the app ksync doesn’t see it as OpenTasks (still popping : OpenTasks is not installed)
So the syncronisation is not done

I’ve check the forum and found that, actually, OpenTasks cannot be installed.

So, any tricks to make Tasks appear as OpenTasks ?

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I guess its only possible to sync with caldav.
In Settings under Accounts you can set it up:

In English: Account Manager Adressbook

It can sync Contacts Kalender and also Tasks from Caldav.

As alternative you can use the App Tasks.org from F-Droid thats similar to OpenTasks. With this your ksynch might work.

I also had problem with DAVX5 and Tasks. Tasks cannot be detected by DAVX5 as Open Tasks and I couldn’t install OpenTasks from aurora, /e/-store or f-droid.
Subsequently, I removed Tasks from the Apps folder via TWRP and was, finally, able to install Open Tasks via f-droid. Now everything works.

Yes i had that Problem too, until i noticed that you can use the built in Davx5 which is hidden as “Account Manager Adressbook” in the Account Settings. This App doesnt show you that its supporting tasks, but theyre still synchronized in the Standard Tasks app.

I’ve opt for the @izgimmer option:

Here some detail
Using TWRP,

  • Mount --> system into local storage
  • Advanced --> File Manager:
  • Selected /system/App/Tasks then move it into /sdcard (so you can do it back if needed)
  • Swipe to move
  • Reboot

Installed OpenTasks from f-droid and ksync detects it and the sync is working

Hi everybody, I also eventually and independently discover the hidden davx5 under Account settings.
It says it synchronizes contacts, events and tasks.
While the first two are actually in sync with the phone, that’s not the case with tasks. And apparently I can only add local tasks in the default app and not remote tasks saved in a DAV server. Any suggestion ?

It should work when the Box of the Calender is ticked in DavX5 settings. Tasks are kind of synched with the Calender normally. So if Calendar works, Tasks should too.

Maybe you just need to enable visibility of the Tasks account inside the tasks app?

In case that your phone blocks background synch you can try doing a manual sync in the Davx5

But in the newer Davx5 version on Fdroid they separated it i guess…

Sorry. I made a mistake, discovering in the meanwhile a possible bug in the embedded dav5x.
I had installed dav5x beside the hidden one. The icons of contacts in the account settings were the one of the hidden one, as well as those of the calendar.
After writing the above post, I removed dav5x and everything vanished.

I then tried to reconfigure the account settings with my own DAV server (Gandi) but to no avail. The hidden dav5x says no DAV services available and throws a bug report

Quite strange since the dav5x from fdroid accepts flawlessly the very same configuration.
I obviously verified the correctness of the configuration in both cases (server address, user and pwd)