Tasks reminders issues

Just moving over to /e/ recently, one of the more important apps for me is Tasks, both on my Win10 PC and on my phone. There are some issues.

  1. I would like for Tasks with date + time to give a reminder on eCloud / in Firefox. It seems notifications are not given. (In /e/OS a correct notification is given.) Is there an option to give reminders?

  2. When I make a Task with only a date = “all day”, then in eCloud-tasks no time is shown, correct. But in the task-app on /e/OS a time is shown, and a notification is given at 00:00. That is superfluous and a nuisance: all day tasks should not give a reminder. And that’s when I am (was!) already asleep :slight_smile:
    So there seems to be a difference in concept here in the apps on eCloud and the /e/OS-Task-app. Is there a work-around?

  3. I tried to use Thunderbird-Lightning as Task-client, that does give notifications on the PC. But: it has a date/time and separately a reminder. So if one makes a task there, then reminders are not used, only the time is used for reminders on /e/OS-task-app. (And by the way, there is a bug in TB regarding the triggering of reminders, so also not a good solution.)