Tealium tracker source & removal

I recently installed a few applications; BiglyBT, Torrent Client, and Session Fdroid, from App lounge pwa & open source mode and RAR from the common / aurora style google play / anonymous login mode.
A tracker has shown up, called Tealium, and it is oddly being shown as in the system (meaning /e/ itself) instead of being listed with an association to a specific app. It’s being blocked by /e/, but I want it to be gone, because its stated policy is to share data with third parties. One of its uses is to link devices, so I thought it may be a product of the session linking, but idk. It apparently doesn’t activate every time I launch the apps.

Does anyone know how to identify where it came from and how to remove it?

I’m using /e/ 2.0

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Where did you find the tracker? Advanced Privacy?
Did you check exodus for these apps to see if the tracker is associated to one of those apps?
Did you try deinstall the apps to see if the tracker is gone after deinstall?

From what I understand it may well be that the tracker comes with an app but for some odd reason gets associated to eOS.

In my AP Tracker Blocker tealium is associated to the Browser (which means that I have visited a website where the tracker was present) and in the congstar app (but is blocked in both cases)

You can not get rid of the tracker as long as you use an app that uses it or visit a website where it is present.
But you can block it … that is what AP Tracker Blocker is about

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Yes, I saw the tracker in Advanced Privacy.
I checked the app listings and didn’t find the tracker listed there.
I checked the tracker page and didn’t find the apps listed there.
But then I remembered that I sometimes connected to wifi services of a business, and the initial connecting required accepting the connection in a browser tab.
Is there anything that can be done besides just not connecting anymore or relying on the AP Tracker Blocker if I do connect? I’d like it to be gone.

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From what I understand: as long as you do not use an app that incorporates the tracker (in which case deleting the app would be the only solution and would make it disappear from the statistics/list) but the tracker comes from a browser/visited website, the statistics in AP Tracker Blocker rather show a sort of history than necessarily a list of active trackers on the device (or on websites currently open in a browser). Which means that it would need a “flush history”-option to get rid of the current blocker-history and reset all counting…
To my best knowledge that function does not exist (yet?), it can´t be done on purpose … whereas I sometimes experienced “tracker history reset” after OS-updates or -upgrades (not really sure though if that was meant to be happening at all…).

Any browser-app (be it built-in or installed by the user) is a bit of an extra-category in terms of tracker-statistics in AP Tracker Blocker, it should not be looked at the same way like other apps because over time it will collect a history that might have nothing to do with the current situation anymore…
A while ago I requested a feature for AP to allow better handling of this : https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/7062, You´re welcome to support it by adding comments or else.

Note: The "“Tracker reset” button on the lower end of each app´s tracker list in AP Tracker Blocker does not provide this “flush history”-function. It only allows to select all trackers for blocking with one click (in case some or all of them were deselected before).

You can flush the history in AP by going in settings > apps > show system apps then select AP and clear cache / storage :slightly_smiling_face:


never thought of that :slight_smile: simple and efficient :+1: