Teamwork of build-in internal memory and SD-card used as internal memory; freeing occupied memory

Hello out there,

In the summer I got a /e/ mobile for the first time. It’s Samsung J5 with 8 GiB of flash. This soon became to less memory, so I bought a SD card (64 GB). I was faced with the option to format it as internal memory, which I chose. There was an option to move stuff from build-in memory to the new internal SD memory. I chose it. After it (including a few minutes waiting), there was some 4 GB used on the SD memory, but no memory of the build-in one was freed. (The readings are according to “Properties/Setup”, “Memory” (retranslated to english; in german it is “Einstellungen”, “Speicher”; don’t know the real english names – besides here this also applies to all the following menu names in this posting).)


Later, I deleted many of the photos on the mobile. (Done via “Gallery” (german “Galerie”), marking photos and videos and clicking on the trashcan icon.) Now there are hardly any left, but memory occupied by photos and videos stayed the same – according to “Properties”, “memory”, “internal common memory” (german: “Interner gemeinsamer Speicher”).

My mobile complains about less free memory and refuses to update apps.

What should I do to make things working again?

Thanks and regards, P.

When problems arose, I was using a version from 202006…, then I updated it.