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hello @Manoj , would you be able to add my support group from the Brazilian community of /e/OS to the groups of /e/ in telegram?

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I have passed on your request to our telegram admin group team.
We may create an official group of /e/OS telegram support for users in Portuguese and have users join it.

I have already created a group in Portuguese, it is already configured, I created the Brazilian community in the forum too, follow the group link

As you may be aware, our groups are language specific, not country specific. For example, anyone who knows french can join the French language based telegram support group. All the same, have passed the details to a group of telegram channel admins to take this forward.

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OK, right, so we already have a group with language in Portuguese, we already have 11 members there, I would like you to add the group link in the eOS groups for those who speak Portuguese to join it

We have created a dedicated channel for users who speak Portuguese. This is the link to the post announcing the channel creation.