Teracube 2e Good & Bad

Following up here @cornfarmer

There has been some good discussion HERE regarding some of the “warts”.

I am not using this as a daily driver till the next build is released with encryption and BT corrected. This has been fixed with the /e/0.17q release.

My initial view is this 2e is a solid phone for $229USD. The specs won’t blow your socks off, the camera and speakers are decent and /e/ runs wonderfully smooth on it. Battery life is excellent (4000 mAh). Screen is easy on the eyes, no issues outdoor in light. Super easy to unlock and flash /e/ to (if you use “Latest” platform tools).

Disclosure, I am not a power user when it comes to micro features. I don’t need iPhone 12 Pro/OP 9 Pro specs, no gaming, just a decent phone for normal internet, light video streams, SMS & MMS. I appreciate the warranty, replaceable battery, and expandable storage. I also support this Teracube vision, “Unlocked, No bloatware, No middlemen, Direct to you”.

One thing I really look forward to are more case and screen protector options see “Edit:” below. There are next to zero other than the case and screen protector the phone ships with. I like a nice tempered glass screen protector.

Hope this helps give a better overall view.

Edit: On the screen protectors I found the following information on the Teracube forum:
“As mentioned on this other thread - this could be a sizing issue and would be same for all units of our protectors. If you are not comfortable with this, other option is to try different variants of screen protectors made for Huawei y6, y6s or Honor 8A (all of them have the same screen size as 2e)”

Edit: Also, you will NOT have any VoLTE issues on the Teracube 2e👇

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Thanks for writing this up. What phones are you coming from using with /e/? I.e. for comparison…I’m thinking of moving on from my S9, the Teracube sounds like it might be a downgrade, and being bigger is kind of a liability to me.

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I can see that point of view for sure. The 2e is quite a bit slower than my S9. I have /e/ up on a OP 6T (fajita) which might have the specs you are looking for. Great phone but be aware of the 7 day wait to get the bootloader unlocked. The OP 6T is a solid phone.

EDIT: It has a fingerprint reader on the touchscreen vs the rear on the S9. I like the rear better personally. The rear also is a bit more accurate in reading the print. Other than that I love the 6T.

Not sure you country/carrier but another criteria that moved me from the S9 to the 6T was I am on TMobile in the US and band 71 is not supported by the S9’s (G-960F/DS) modem while the 6T (North American/T-Mobile variant) supports all TMobile bands.

EDIT: Beyond the missing bands…the real issue on Samsung Galaxy 9 devices is lack of VoLTE due to Samsung’s proprietary IMS services.

EDIT: @cornfarmer I also can confirm that both VoLTE and VoWiFi function on the OnePlus 6T, solid phone 8 GB RAM, 128 GB storage, solid processor, 3700 mAh battery.

Question for @Manoj HERE (my 2e) we see that VoWiFi is provisioned but HERE in the device “Specifications” on the /e/Shop it says this feature is not supported. Can you or anyone else clarify?

The /e/ dev team is working on enabling voWifi across devices including the 2e… Will check on the progress on this and update

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Thanks. Think I found a gold nugget here on Teracube’s forums in relation as well. (Edit: See post 22 forward) :point_down: The 2e really is a great phone, its growing on me more and more.

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With my Teracube 2e I cannt get sound to route to a bluetooth speaker. It is connected and listed as a media device but still just plays through the phone… is anyone else having this issue?

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I’ve got the same issue.
I’m running the latest version of /e/ (18).
Still doesn’t work!

Please someone fix it.
I like to listen to podcasts in my car!