Teracube 2e Orange State at Reboot

Hi there, I ordered a Teracube 2e direct from e foundation. On first boot it detected and I downloaded a system update which I installed. On every reboot I get the following message:

“Orange state
Your device has been unlocked and can’t be trusted.
Your device will boot in 5 seconds.”

I did a quick search and people seem to have a reboot loop problem with this message, but the device boots up just fine.

Is this an issue?


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Messages similar to that are the norm on most bootloader unlocked devices that I have had. It is normal really and nothing to worry about.

On my older devices I could install/flash a boot logo to get rid of it. On the newer ones I just ignore it.

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Thanks, this is my first such device. Perhaps something could be put in the documentation warning noobs like me.



I do not agree. Locking bootloader after custom ROM Installation of e/ OS is essential security issue. During Boot verification with signed keys makes sure the Rom is the one signed with keys and no Malware will be executed during Boot process. 2 years back I bought the Fairphone3 installed e/ OS and locking back bootloader worked fine without warning messages. Now I got Teracube2 after installing it same “orange state” message. See: Install /e/ on a Teracube Teracube 2e (2021) - “emerald” can you help how to lock bootloader? I would recommend if you bought your teracube 2 at efoundations shop directly you check with their support and I would be happy if you share your experience here. Thanks!

This reddit article gives some reasons why that may not be the case:



seems e/ OS Team is also dependant on phone vendor itself to re-lock bootloader or could they implement this on their own without vendor help?

I agree seeing this message is concerning. I purchased my phone directly from esolutions.shop and don’t like seeing this message when a large part of my desire to purchase this phone was to imply some degree of security of personal information. I have sent a message to support for a solution and/or their input.

I agree, still concerning. I sent a message several days ago to helpdesk@e.email and have heard nothing back. Is there a better support email address?

Correct me if I am wrong, but typical PCs dont have any bootloader lock on them right? There’s nothing stopping you from booting up any operating system you want I believe. I was wondering about the message too but kind of came to the conclusion that, why would I worry about it when I don’t worry that my pc is essentially bootloader unlocked? Am I thinking about this right or is that apples to oranges?

So, you are all concerned and put off by a message that will appear on all devices that are bootloader unlocked. That has nothing to do with /e/, Murena, or any installed OS. Opening an issue is not going to change that.
Well, given the different models they offer and depending on device, it may or may not be possible to relock.

Every device I have/had (too many over the years or now :grimacing:) displays such a message once unlocked. Again - normal.

If wah wah and getting bent out of shape over this normality can’t be helped…

  1. Relock your own device.
  2. Flash a boot logo (if available). Message is now hidden.
  3. Ignore it.

Note. I am addressing only the message/warning. The security “risks” of an unlocked device is of no concern to me. No need for another “disagree” as I did not mention anything about security in my previous post anyway.


I like the idea of Replace the device startup warning message with something more appealing (#2980) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab.

I would suggest a different approach to the issue than what some are discussing. Many (?most) here already are quite familiar with modifying a device through flashing your own ROM. However, consider a scenario where /e/OS devices gain popularity outside of the bleeding edge and enthusiast groups and begin to be used by the fringe group between mainstream users and enthusiasts – I am probably in that marginal group. When one of us sees a message like this, we know enough to have heard of a bootloader, but don’t really know how it works. So, are we idiots for being concerned about a message we’ve never seen? Hopefully we don’t get that label. Mainstream folks don’t see those messages on devices we’re used to, so seeing the message on an /e/OS phone is concerning. As I get more grey hair, I find life increasingly becomes more about managing expectations than creating an impossible ideal.

In this case, managing expectations could be addressed by a short blurb in the documentation or a forum post that explains:

  1. Why the “orange state” message is happening
  2. What it means to have a locked/unlocked device
  3. Explains the threat level of such a message
  4. Provides a few options

If there’s a clean post that’s ELI5 that we can find/reference on a forum such as this, it’ll address our concerns and we can move on.


Oh, good points. I’ve been at this so long I kind of take it for granted that everyone else knows or should know these things and my tone reflected that.
Noted for the future. :ok_hand::+1:

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This forum always has room for improved documentation ! :slight_smile: … and sometimes those new to a subject are best at writing ELI5 articles.

Here is a recent search on the subject Search results for 'locked bootloaders order:latest' - /e/ community … it includes some strong views. One could imagine teasing some useful questions and answers out of those threads

We have the technology to write a cooperative open edited wiki page.

One could imagine an FAQ perhaps starting from the basics.

I am not certain if this would be a good example …

Q. Were does this Orange state message come from anyway?


This warning at boot is a thing that makes me hesitate to recommend /e/ to noobs - and to show them my phone during boot.

At least, I would suggest to add a “caution” or “warning” at the end of every installation guide that the bootloader can’t be locked again and that this bootloader message is not of relevance and has to be ignored. This could be a very simple thing to add in every installation guide. Additionally there could be a link to a (ELI5)FAQ site.

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