Teracube 2e waitlist

Kicking myself now for not buying a /e/ Teracube 2e last month when they were in stock, but I am now at least on the waitlist. Any way to get an estimate of how long the waitlist is, and how big the stock that “Will Ship from end of Nov 2021”? In other words, is it anticipated that the people on the Waitlist now will get a notice to order a phone as Nov 2021 approaches, or what?

I understand that there is a global chip shortage going on, general supply chain problems, and other concerns, and this may or may not work out as planned.

Anyone who is serious about it would be insane to give an estimate

Fairphone currently the same problem and I’m waiting for…

We must exercise patience :wink:

I see they are not even taking pre-orders, which leads me to think it will be a while yet.

Ha! I have been waiting on my Librem 5 since 2017! The last batch that shipped ran out shipping to people who had ordered just one week before me! I know how to wait :crazy_face:
Seriously, that’s why I said “I’m kicking myself” I was looking at the dang screen three weeks ago and almost bought it.
Mostly this regret is because I just found out my /e/ daily driver phone is not going to be supported when the US networks switch over to only VoLTE, which means I’ll need a new phone by early next year.

Well, the option to purchase came back, so I went ahead and ordered it for “End of November 2021” so, we’ll see :roll_eyes: Now, I’m waiting on TWO elusive phones. I should technically have my Librem 5 by then, but somehow I’ve already baked in a healthy assumption that they will be delayed again.