Teracube 2e Warranty

Does anyone know if the four year warranty Teracube offers on it’s phones is kept intact when you flash /e/ ? The battery life on my current /e/ phone is starting to really lag and im considering one from the official /e/ store. I dig the whole ethos around Teracube and don’t need a cutting edge processor, but the four year warranty seems to be a huge draw with these phones. Just curious.

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If you are referring to the 2e phones purchased from /e/ which are pre flashed with /e/OS then yes they have the 4 yr warranty. You can see this mentioned on our eSolutions shop ( filter on US )
If it is about 2e phones purchased from other sources on which you install /e/ then that query would be best answered by Teracube folks on their forum.

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What version of /e/ is preloaded on the Teracube?

The Teracube 2e has the /e/ OS Q build v0.17

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