Teracube 2e Zirconia Manual Install Documentation Issue

Hi all,

Not sure if this is truly an issue with the documentation or with the latest stable ROM. After the Easy Installer didn’t work for me, I downloaded the newest stable R build as of right now and started trying to do the manual install. Everything works perfectly until I get to…

fastboot flash gz gz.img

The issue is: this file does not exist in the latest build. Nor is there a file that looks to be the gz but with a slightly different name. I downloaded the newest Android Q build as well, it doesn’t have a gz file in it either.

I tried to press forward and install what I had (more out of curiosity/foolishness than actually expecting it to work), which more or less soft bricked my phone and meant I had to re-flash to stock again. I got the “this partition doesn’t exist” error a few times when trying to flash the rest of the things which meant it was DEFINITELY not going to work, haha. It’s back to stock Android and working fine though, don’t worry.

Worth noting: I have flashed to the stock image following directions from Teracube and tried this (and the Easy Installer) again. No dice.

I assumed it likely that the ROM is corrupted due to the Easy Installer issue and the possibility that the documentation has an issue, idk. If the sha256sum does not match Issue with easy installer on teracube - #6 by aibd, please don’t try to go ahead with install. It is highly recommended that one always verifies the checksum (sha256sum) after downloading and before install.

Apropos the Q builds, I was not sure if you attempted install of Q but please be aware of the warning in the install instructions

It is important that you know that downgrading Smartphones on OS versions greater than the /e/OS OS version you plan to install, can cause instability or at worst brick some devices. We recommend that you check your current OS version, before attempting the installation.

Edit later. However the sha256sum mismatch seen by Easy Installer is not seen in a download of e-1.13-r-20230724313393-stable-zirconia from https://images.ecloud.global/stable/zirconia/

$ cat IMG-e-1.13-r-20230724313393-stable-zirconia.zip.sha256sum 
bee89f03f7360a5ad523ec0f259d47c4a5633076536f9cb12143dd5dedca6ff1  IMG-e-1.13-r-20230724313393-stable-zirconia.zip
$ sha256sum IMG-e-1.13-r-20230724313393-stable-zirconia.zip
bee89f03f7360a5ad523ec0f259d47c4a5633076536f9cb12143dd5dedca6ff1  IMG-e-1.13-r-20230724313393-stable-zirconia.zip

I can reproduce that no gz.img is seen in the extracted file of e-1.13-r- or e-1.12.5-r-.

I guess this is another issue to report.

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Just for posterity’s sake, I did check and the SHA256 does match, we’re good there.

For the Q builds - the stock ROM for Teracube 2e is Android 10 so theoretically shouldn’t have been an issue. However, I didn’t even attempt to install Q, just downloaded the latest stable Q build out of curiosity to see if it had a gz.img file in it.

Glad you were able to reproduce the error and I appreciate you checking into it!

I’ve reported this issue.

Can anyone tell us if gz.img is part of the current build ?

I do not see it mentioned in this Easy Installer script

nor within the OTA image here

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