Teracube emerald e rom

U.S.A teracube emerald e/os bought from e/os.

Questions, wish to down grade the recent update (e rom) 1.114-s-202308255321006 stable downgrade to. (e rom) [IMG-e-1.8.1-r-20230204257076-stable-emerald.zip]
By Using SD card. (Zip file from e/os website has 4 others pick from).

Possible with out having glitches?
What is the steps to follow?
I am a novice yet have little understanding
To general settings, system apps so on.
no desire for updates again, have turn off all settings for updating.

Thanks in advance.

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First, just curious. Any reason to go all the way down to 1.8.1-r instead of a higher R release?

You cannot update from SD card as the Teracube builds are not flashable in the normal sense. You would have to use fastboot from a PC.
Since you would be downgrading Android versions (from 12 to 11) you will be doing a complete wipe, starting fresh.

Hello Marcdw thank you for your time an reply.

To answer your question here letter i sent to
Manoj he ask the same question.

To answer your question why i don’t want updates also do rollbuck, it goes back to the last two update .

I believe it’s July’s update was issue’s until patch came out, couple weeks later. ( did do patch update)
Impacted my, device was breing really glitchy to use , i spent hours trying to work it out. No success.

Did back up of contacts photos sms txt to sd card… 10 very important …Sms txt backup using seedvault to sd card then did factory reset , when i went to recover / reload sms txt backup they wont ( open / reload / reinstall ) txt sms 10 messages . I don’t know why or how to get them back tried all i know.
For me very big loss , if it was not for update this would not be issue.

August update
See photos , call app, when making a call or receiving a call if the option ( mic access blocked ) is deactivated the black info banner pops up until a choice is made., (Cancel or unblock) each every call , it is Aggravating frustrating being forced to activate mic. access :(.
Mic access if activated the banner does not pop up.

Network an internet settings , not sure how to put into words, the prior version N&I setting i prefer
Over new version by far. For some reason choice to turn sims off is not working.

In answering your question this is main reasons although there is other parts of new updates i dislike. I am happy prefer older updates of past.

After this not sure i want to do future updates.

if you desire more info have thoughts please ask sincerely.

Since i, being novice beginner so to speak, i would like to try downgrading ,yet my knowledge
With adb ,fastboot ,memory wiping, is not that great i am familiar by what i have read, if i got in a jam not sure how to find a fix , i believe if someone sat next to me i could learn! :slight_smile: !.. so far what i know learned on my own.
Side note—
I would like to run magisk have read topics how to instal an run yet i am not clear some of the steps
to run, i don’t like being a novice . … only if i had device to experiment with or someones assistance.


I completely undesrstand not wanting to update. It seems Android 12 (S) is not to your liking. Same here which is why I stay on Android 11 (R).

As mentioned, If you do the downgrade you will lose all data. I have never used Seedvault before. I am rooted so I use Neo Backup to backup app data only (I never backup apps).
Quite a number of apps have their own data backup/export function. Good idea to use those. Just in case.

For SMS backups there are apps like SMS Import / Export and SMS Backup & Restore that do the job very well. The latter I used for many years.

As far as the downgrade, the intructions at Info about Teracube Teracube 2e (2021) - emerald should suffice. Have only used the ‘Conmand line’ method. Seems to have been updated for the 1.12.5+ releases. No idea if Easy Installer allows for downgrades.

As far as choosing one of the R builds it is probably best to go with the last 1.13-r.

Note, I run the dev builds (1.14) which is fine for me as I do not run software that would have a problem with that like banking apps. You will probably want to stick with stable.

Thank you for your reply,

i’ll respond to each of your paragraph’s in order try not to be wordy.

If i known about A 12 S update would not have updated. Mobile data, i only go to f-droid see whats new. I enjoy f-droid, i keep very little apps on my device.

As to data back up , right away new for contact or new photo ( few ) back up to sd card also add to another sd card just in case.

As to sms txt backup, have no need to back up, -seedvault- just those 10 sms txt (bid contracts ) that been unable to -restore /import/ open/ i also back up the 10 txt, sms app from f- droid -sms txt Back up an restore wont restore something to do with jason file , try 2 jason readers no results.

((((((( you. )))))))

As far as the downgrade, the intructions at Info about Teracube Teracube 2e (2021) - emerald should suffice. Have only used the ‘Conmand line’ method. Seems to have been updated for the 1.12.5+ releases. No idea if Easy Installer allows for downgrades.

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