Teracube or Fairphone 3+


The battery of my Samsung Galaxy S9 bought from e/ is sadly reaching the end of the road.

I’d like to replace with either the Fairphone 3+ or the Teracube (the FP4 is 5G and I’m still not sure re the apparent possible potential ill-effects &4G is fine for me)

I need

  • dual sim
  • replaceable battery
  • 4G
  • better camera is nice

Looks like Teracube and Fairphone 3+ fit closest to my needs. Anyone have any insights or recommendations as to which one to go for?

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Both are not available all around the word, but are complementaries

Depends in witch country you live.

As i undertandstand
When Terracube is a thin production designed to USA,
FairPhone 3 is a big production designed for Europe.

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Interesting @piero - I am in Europe so i take it FP3+ is the better option then.

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