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  • Add details of any known issues if you are aware of:
    Lack of native TWRP?
    GSI supported hardware, official documentation on how to root, company is supportive of rooting and user experimentation.
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I came here to ask for this. I’m dying to get something other than stock android on the phone, especially since they’re supposed to last so long.

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Teracube are working on getting the full device source from ODM and MediaTek, so please remain patient.

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Device Source Code:

The same repo now hosts the Android 10 kernel/config:

The Teracube Teracube 2E is an official Murena device, so are there any blockers or other issues preventing the One from having official support alongside the 2E?

No, as you can see from XDA Teracube forum section, there are lot of LOS-based distro already (means that \e\ can be beuild too):

You can also try to “stimulate” those to create and unofficial \e\ build too.

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Hi @Saijin_Naib, on the subject of Teracube_One Spec comparison: Teracube 2e vs Teracube One - General - Teracube Community, you may already have got a better reply to you question here, /e/ OS ROM - General - Teracube Community

I see that you asked this, Project Treble & Android Generic System Image Compatibility - General - Teracube Community and a GSI was mentioned.

In quick reading I was not sure if you already tried the Official /e/ GSI.

The /e/ GSI getting started pages are

If your research has led to a Lineage ROM for the Teracube_One, it might be worth adding it here.

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Unfortuantely, the 2E and the One are completely different devices, and TeraCube have not yet completed joining the two into a shared platform official ROM, though that is planned.

Yes, I have used the GSI but tons of core functionality was broken/missing and the device was not usable as a daily-driver, unfortunately.

I have not found any TeraCube_One specific ROM anywhere, just the official sources I posted above.

I found a source for the TeraCube 1 but those were pretty old:

Nonetheless I could build, if it works I cannot guarantee:


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I’ll give this a test, thanks!

If I may ask, is this based upon the existing /e/OS GSI ROM?

Is this an “OTA” meant to be applied via the zip being passed to the updater, or another method?

I don’t know. I found the sources on github and tried building…

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Does it work? If yes can please provide feedback.

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Have not figured out how to flash it, so nothing to report yet.

Can you try to extract recovery.img for the zip file

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So, extract recovery.img, fastboot flash recovery recovery.img, adb sideload e117q.zip?

Might worth a try- not sure if recovery.img contains all what is needed for e-recovery
Also you might try to reach out to https://github.com/00p513-dev

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