[TESTING/DEVELOPMENT] Samsung Galaxy S20+ (y2s) for /e/OS-T

Anyone who is interested in supporting S20+ development, I uploaded the LOS20 device files onto Github



I made an first testing build and it booted! However there are still a lot of bugs:

What doesnt work: camera/sim/change resolution (doest scale so a portion of the screen is black), flashlight,

Any help is welcome!

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Current testbuild:


Bugs currently: flashlight, camera, SIM, display resolution dont work.

Retail Branding Marketing Name Device Model
Samsung Galaxy S20+ y2s SM-G985F
Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G y2s SM-G986B
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If anyone wants to help, please see my github repositories for the S20+

New test build:


Any feedback? I wont proceed when I its not tested