Testing /e/ services

Is there any way to use /e/ services without having /e/os? I want to test them out and get a feel for them before I can decide to install /e/os.

what o you mean ??

Do you need /e/ os to use the /e/ services?

/e/os has “services” such as a cloud storage thing, a search engine based on Searx, and more

No, you don’t need /e/ OS.
The services are just a collection of open source components hosted at one place.
If you have /e/, they are also nicely integrated into your phone OS. If you don’t, the are just this collection of services.

So if you take nextcloud and davdroid app and configure them correctly, search with their engine,… , you can get a pretty good impression of what it’s going to be like.
Some of the features (I think for example SMS to cloud) will not work though.

Okay! Also, where do I go to create an /e/ account?

This is a very general question, which probably has been answered multiple times before.
While it is perfectly fine to ask this again, it would be way faster for you, to just use the search functionality, the Howto section and the FAQ on the main website. This way you get your answers more quickly. Then come back here with more specific questions.

You can create your account here:


Thank you! One more thing: Is there an app for this or do I have to use the web version? (Yes I know I can use Nextcloud I figured that out but is there an official app or one specifically for /e/?)

You can use the standard nextcloud app for file stuff like photo auto upload.
If you go to settings in the app (Hamburger menu on top left, then scroll down), it will offer you to set up DavX5 for the calendar sync. This way you can have your calendars synchronized between all your devices (this you of course also have to set up, there is extensions for Thunderbird, etc.).
/e/ mail is just a normal email account you can add to whatever software you use.

On /e/ OS, basically the same things happen, but there are own forks of all the apps and everything is more integrated.

Is that implemented / released yet? Last I heard it was still a closed (developers only) beta

It does Contacts sync as well, and you can configure it to auto-upload photos to your /e/ account.

The Nextcloud Notes app (from F-Droid, separate from the Nextclound sync app) can be configured to work with your account too.

You are right, it’s beta. It’s available on my FP3 q 0.12 install but I haven’t turned it on.

Good that you mentioned contacts and notes. For me this all is “the usual nextcloud stuff” :wink: so I completely forgot to mention it.