Tethering phone to a PC

Hi, does my e/OS phone have a built in capability to tether to a PC, ie share the PC’s NW connection ?
An if so, how does one do that, thanks.

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What’s the problem? You plug in an USB cable and your device appears as “mobile device” on the left side in your Explorer. It will not be a regular USB drive, it has a lot of differences to that, it also doesn’t get a drive letter, but you can copy files in both directions. Linux is more complicated.

share the PC’s NW connection

meaning you want the phone to use the PCs network connection? I’ve learned this is named “reverse tethering” - you can do this with https://github.com/Genymobile/gnirehtet

the other way round - PC using the connection of the phone to route packages to the world can be done natively by Android in its “USB tethering” options

Ah, yes, “NW” could mean “network” …

Yes it was Reverse Tethering I was looking to do …

Yay, it works !

Found this helpfull youtube on installing Gnirehtet on windows …
Share Internet from PC to Android via USB | Reverse tether | Gnirehtet

Initailly had a few errors after running the install in CMD, couldn’t see ‘MIDI’ in the USB Preferences section after enabling USB Debugging, but selecting PTP I think resolved things, then got the ‘allow USB debugging’ and then the ‘allow VPN’ connection’ dialogues.

Bizarrely fast browsing, app lounge etc (it was the App Lounge I was trying to connect to originally).

Thanks for the pointer.

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