Text input does not work correctly

Я использую
e_alioth-user 12 SQ3A.220705.004 eng.root.20221102.191558 dev-keys
Когда ввожу текст с ошибкой и исправляю, то слово целиком перемещается на один символ назад и соединяется с предыдущим словом. Неудобно!
I use e_alioth-user 12 SQ3A.220705.004 eng.root.20221102.191558 dev-keys
When I enter text with a mistake and correct it, the whole word is moved back one character and merged with the previous word. Uncomfortable!

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is this happening in any text field or is this with an app? Do you use some extra dictionary?

I gave this a try in the small “Editor” App with russian language settings and couldn’t see the behaviour


Thank you so much for your reply! Indeed, it turns out that this problem occurs only in the notepad application Brader Farmer

As for my firmware, if you take a screenshot, it is not saved among the latest files - you have to look for a long time.

I looked at Issues · farmerbb/Notepad · GitHub but didn’t find something at first sight that describes your issue. If you make it a small video demo you can probably get the author to look at it.

For the screenshot ordering, that really is a known bug. It got a fix recently, not yet shipped though - Gallery - Screenshot order mismatch (#5420) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

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Yes, I will make a video example. About the screenshot - did not specify that this happens when you edit a screenshot. I hope this will be fixed.