Thanks to the /e/OS team!

I have been on the road with my Murena Fairphone 4 for 15 months now. And I would like to say thank you to the whole /e/OS team! Thanks for 15 months of fascinating technology, a feeling of security and a lively but focused community! The FP4 from the Murena store has not had a single problem, every update worked OTA perfectly!

I have previously looked into other smartphone systems outside of the mainstream - Symbian, Meego or SailfishOS for example. But in no case have I experienced such a functional system with such diligent and regular updates. Often, the development was already over after a few months.

Therefore I appreciate the work of the team around /e/OS and would like to say “thank you” again!

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Thanks for the positive feedback @Shakatus. There is a lot of work still to be done, but with the support and positive feedback of our users we will definitely get there.


Thank you also from me. I use /e/ from the beginning with a FP3.

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I also greatly thank the team! I unfortunately had not the best luck when first acquiring my first phone (The murena one) from them as it seemed to have had a bad hardware defect. But the support team was super kind and patient with me (i don’t contact support teams often) and i got shipped a replacement device. i have unmeasurably high amounts of gratitude towards the team for helping me. for anyone who is curious the new murena one is working as intended with no issues

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