The app center doesn't work

I’m very happy with my Motorola G (falcon) and my /e/ OS. But the app center don’t work two weeks ago.

Have anyone with MotoG the same problems?

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Hi @maxxcan,
Are you unable to install / download specific apps from the Apps Installer ? You can try downloading FDroid or Aurora Store and download those apps.

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yes I know. I usually use f-droid and aurora, but that isn’t normal. The normal is the App center works, and I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t update from November.

I agree. The /e/ Apps Store is intended to provide a variety of “selected” apps.

@maxxcan, which eApps version do you have installed, version 1.1.6 aka V2, or?

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That will be an issue for your device - condor. You can check the discussion here. There are some devices like the condor where we are unable to build the complete set of /e/ apps. This is preventing the builds getting updated.

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yes, I have that version. The 1.1.6.

From other devices from the release years 2013/2014 I know of similar stored problems, such as the BlissLauncher, which no longer works correctly. I assume that the “falcon” e-0.7-n-2019111931239-dev-falcon will no longer receive /e/ OS updates and will be discarded as part of the device streamlining.

Since February 2020 there is a monthly updated unofficial LineageOS 17.1 ROM, which was re-released today: lineage-17.1-20200607-UNOFFICIAL-falcon-Moto_G_XT1033 (Note: I’ve not tried it myself and don’t take any liability; using it is at your own risk).

LOS cannot replace /e/ OS for the Privacy & Security items, but it works with current security patches.

By the way: For testing purposes, the /e/Apps Store works for me with LOS 17.1 and more …

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ok. I try the unofficial lineage version. Thanks

See also these issues #1163 and * ## #1219 which are raised against poco device.