The best /e/ smartphone with removable battery

Hi, I am considering a new phone and my question is regarding the device choice :grin: I would like to invest in a smartphone with good working /e/ os (Murena?) which has also a removable battery. Can you advice accordingly on your experience please? :thinking:

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This will depend on the region you are in.
Which smartphones are on offer once you set your country and language at

There is a feature In the official supported list, ( thanks to @Manoj ) : you can select “removable battery” to only display devices with removable battery

They are the two FairPhone and Essentially some LG and some Samsung devices. Also a “BQ”, a “Motorola”, a “Wileyfox”, and a “Wingtech”

Cannot advice for unofficial supported list as it is rarely specified in the documentation.

I like the Galaxy s4 because it is also easily repairable and afordable ( between 40€ and 70€ ), great display quality even is the size ( 5" ) is limit to big compared to normal fingers size.

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Mind the /e/OS version given in the list, though. Assuming you want to use your phone with /e/OS for a while, everything in the list not being at least on Q beta (which is Android 10, R would be 11, Pie would be 9, Oreo would be 8, Nougat would be 7) seems not very future-proof OS-wise.

If you want a really recent phone in Europe, /e/OS for the Fairphone 4 should become available soon-ish.


That is true. Android below 10 does not seem to be long lasting for the phone. I liked Samsung Galaxy 3 and 4, Fairphone as well, but Faiephone 3, I do not need 5G, and visually Fairphone 3 is nicer. Samsung Galaxy 3 and 4 have wonderful handy size :heart: Now I am using tablet size Redmi Note 7 with /e/ on board :grin: After experiencing this system on myself I thought about finding nicer phone for it :angel:
I am in Poland, what makes Teracube unavailable unfortunately :cry: