The Biggest Leaks Revealed by Edward Snowden

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


That’s a great writing.

All those programs and techniques put together and well explained in plain English. Sometimes I get the impression that some people are still in denial, like those things would not exist.

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I would like to read the article, but every 2 seconds a photo of a semi-naked woman is showed to me in the screen and I dont agree with this kind of ads and, therefore, with the website that has revenue with this ads . I rather recommend to read the book by Edward Snowden, Permanent Record, which was at some points difficult to understand to non tech people but very illustrating in general.

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For me it is an advertising for a VPN provider, (more linked to the topic) but it’s very intrusive with Firefox/iOS, it want to open the AppleStore to install it right now

Here, soon after the publication of the first post, no ads whatsoever.

Rhoooo :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

using uBlock and Ghostery add-on for Firefox let me read this article with no intromissions at all :wink:


Really, people?
I’m surfing the net for more than 10 years now, without any ads…

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So tell us how you do it.


you’re totally right, sorry !

first, on pc/mac/linux… better install Firefox and the uBlock Origin extension (I think it’s a minimum) which you can find here >

here is a good website link with all the good extensions to add to your firefox/chrome/chromium profile (it’s in French, sorry but Goolag can ironically translate to you in your language) >

On non rooted android tablets/smartphones : you can install some applications like Blokada or AdGuard + Firefox (or Fennec - an open source version of Firefox) with ublock origin addon.

On rooted Android tablets/smartphones : the same + an application named “Adaway”, very useful.

If you prefer Chrome, I used to use an Ungoogled version of Chrome on PC/Linux and android called Ungoogled Chromium >
with the chromium webstore addon to add/upgrade original chrome addons on this ungoogled chromium >
Once Ungoogled Chromium installed, install the Ublock Origin addon from Goolag Chrome webstore



Blokada or AdGuard are great, but then I can’t use VPN :frowning:

I’m currently using Adguard with a vpn together : Adguard settings > network > filtering method > local HTTP Proxy | local proxy port 8080 | local proxy auto mode ticked

it’s working now on my /e/ Xiaomi note 5 pro

Thanks! Will check them out

Blokada is high battery drain. I have a Xiaomi Mi9T and tracking on xiaomi device is really high ! At home I use PiHole but outside it’s a real problem

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