The /e/ Google-free, pro-privacy Android phone runs well -- for a beta | ZDNet

If you’re technically savvy, go ahead and try it today. I found the beta to be quite stable. The applications can be a pain, but the base operating system never gave me a moment of trouble. It works with 89 smartphone models, and the /e/ code and installation instructions are available for download.

If you can wait, the first shipping version, /e/ 1.0 with an easy installer is due to appear in late February at Mobile World Congress. Come that day, if privacy really matters to you, I suggest you give it a try.

I am puzzled by his assertion that WhatsApp doesn’t work. I don’t like having it, but I have absolutely no problem running it in /e/ on my old phone (Moto G4 Play). The only issue I have is with notifications – sometimes I miss notification of texts/calls, the voice/video works great.

I have no problems with Magic Earth that are not related to general satellite connectivity. There is often a lag for me when I start up because I usually leave location services off, but once it’s running it’s fine.

I have not noticed the problem he has with Uber, but I only use it very rarely, and I don’t keep it installed unless I’m travelling.

Still, not a bad review, overall!