The e/ shortcut doesnt starts anymore in 0.16 with my oneplus 6

is there someone facing the same issue with the shortcut?

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I have e-0.16 running on my OnePlus 6 and all the /e/ system apps are working correctly. Which shortcut are you referring to? Perhaps you created a shortcut with the browser to

Yes, exactly that. That shortcut is not running now in the new update

When I clicked on the shortcut I got a black screen for a while (maybe 10-20 seconds max) but then the forum did load ok. Maybe the cache was wiped during the upgrade? You could try opening the shortcut, then close it fully using square button then X, ad then open again and wait a while.

I use the Omeg Launcher but on temporarily reverting to Bliss I was able to use the default browser to create a shortcut with no problem. It also works with my favourite browser Iceraven.

I think all you have to do is delete it and recreate a shortcut to your home screen again.

One question about your experience with the update: did it perform two steps after the initial download? My experience was just a progress bar indicating the installation was taking place, then a message I forgot precisely - something about preparing packages - and then another progress bar which took well over an hour to finish before the reboot masseage.

mine was smooth and finnish the process with twrp