The EU’s Timetable for Dismantling End-to-End Encryption

These two articles seem very interesting. Does anyone have anymore information on what’s happening by chance?

Orders from the Top: The EU’s Timetable for Dismantling End-to-End Encryption

European Tech companies warn of lowering data protection levels in the EU

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


Yeah, that’s a huge problem for any privacy minded person. You can find what’s happening e.g. here or here (no matter what political party you prefer…).


Well this is just awesome. Thanks for the information. It’s greatly appreciated.

It looks like I will be giving CTemper email some strong consideration as it is NOT in the EU

Jepp, but don’t forget: If you communicate via CTemplar with lots of Googles, Microsofts, Yahoos and so on then it’s rather in vain.

@rosetattoo Oh, don’t I know it.

Pardon? You mean you don’t know this?

@rosetattoo Sorry. The phrase “Don’t I know it” is an idiom which means; I know that very well or am fully aware of it. So when a person says “Oh, don’t I know it.” They are saying “sadly, I am all too aware of it”. Hope that helps.

Ah, okay, thank you! Learning never stops! :grin:

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@rosetattoo Welcome! Learning is always fun :grin:

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This forum is a valuable source of information. I rate it perhaps more valuable than /e/ itself !!

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If they really force companys to dismantle End to End Encryption, i hope there still will be projects which dont fall under this law.
Maybe Briar, because it doesnt have a Central Infrastructure, so there might not be a company behind which can be forced to implement something malicious.


I have changed my email to Protonmail, Switzerland (not EU)


So how does it affect the msgrs?

Does that mean Jami, Session, Matrix,Tox are safe and not affected by this breakdown of e2ee because they are decentalised/distributed and not domiciled in either the US or EU?

How would Jitsi be affected?

I was considering some of this when I downloaded some browsers and other from our app store… If /e/ doesn’t mind playing on the fringe, it might be more and more difficult to keep it legit without eventually sacrificing the very thing it was designed to overcome… Only in this case we trade g00gle for the govt…

My personal preference is to fracture the system rather than keep it centralized (I.e. google vs /e/ rather than govt vs /e/), but I’m concerned that blockchoan techs have a while to go before they can viably replace a full business community, e.g. /e/ using exclusively crypto to source all its business needs; OK fine, I’ll program the future and report back!

Right now nobody can say what will happen and how all the messengers will be affected. All we can do is waiting and writing mails to the politicians.

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Some other links:

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