The future of Bliss Launcher - Some inspiration from HarmonyOS maybe worth a look

Many of us already enjoy the /e/OS experience. /e/OS has come a long way we have to admit. But to say /e/ has no more to offer or room grow would not be a true statement. We all know that /e/OS is inspired by the iOS aesthetic and workflow. But like all things, things change. iOS as well as padOS have had an overhaul of sorts in the last couple of years in which resulted in changes being made to both workflow and function. Freedom to place widgets wherever the you want, as well as an app-drawer to name a few.

Now HarmonyOS from Huawei is also inspired by iOS/padOS but still leverages some of the more flexible elements from Android. This should also inspire /e/OS, not only on the smartphone but the tablet front as well. Android itself has made some changes as well to address the tablet workflow in Android 12L.

This is where /e/OS can make some strides when revamping Bliss launcher in the future. Though phones are the priority, many who use /e/ on their phones want a companion in their tablets. And unlike Apple who has 2 separate OS’s for phone and tablet, /e/OS is now setup for success to address both in one OS. So landscape mode is a must, but /e/ could do more…

Homescreen Style at time 5:58
This is a great example to have the theme/look and feel of iOS but have an app drawer like android. Here we see HarmonyOS give people both the iOS standard and app drawer layout, and the user can choose. Could /e/ do this? I think so. However if given the choice, which would /e/ users choose? For myself, I would choose the app drawer layout for the Bliss launcher for phone and tablet, as it offers more in the way of personal customization, widgets, and multitasking. Not to mention /e/OS could have it’s own /e/OS search/suggestion widget placed anywhere a user likes. This is also done with Samsung One UI.

The below video shows HarmonyOS 2.0. Version 3.0 was released not long ago.

Of course there a few more things that Bliss could do when it does offer landscape mode when it comes to multitasking, widgets etc… Both HarmonyOS and Samsung One UI have some interesting things when it comes to multitasking that can also inspire /e/OS.

In the end though, we all want /e/OS, and not these two. We all value privacy and freedom and we all are here to stay. Open Source offers so much and that is not to be ignored. not to mention the longevity of devices that use /e/OS. We also clearly enjoy the /e/OS look and feel, the theme and icons. But we sure would like to see /e/OS to continue to grow, and in this particular case, Bliss launcher.


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You can change the title to “The future of Bliss Launcher - Some inspiration from iOS maybe worth a look”

@18yt8zhg I could do that, but If you watch the first video that I posted and watch how the home-screen is implemented at the time stamp that I mentioned, this is not inspired by iOS, but Android/HarmonyOS. Did you watch that portion of the first video? So the inspiration is actually from HarmonyOS and Android, which seem to offer a better implementation of those features than iOS has.

Now both /e/OS and HarmonyOS theming and icons are inspired by iOS for sure. I still prefer the /e/OS approach to this so far, but I may make a separate post on that. Thanks for the suggestion.

I saw it, but the preview looks like iOS and look at 0:22 secondes, the dock, the folder, the widget, it’s iOS.

But my first comment was juste a joke, it’s look like nice, and /e/OS is nice too and you right, a little bit of customization could be good :slight_smile:

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Ahh ok. I missed the joke lol. But yes you can see how Harmony did get a lot of iOS inspiration as well. But of course it is big tech too and I am sure there are a lot of things in there neither of us wants.

Yeah, a bit of customization wouldn’t hurt :slightly_smiling_face:


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