The future of /e/

I’m really liking /e/ and everything it has to offer.
Only one thing is on my mind at the moment regarding /e/:
Is the future of /e/ development always going to be based on LineageOS development? What if LineageOS drops support for a device? Does that mean that /e/ will drop support for a device and it will never update that device in the future to newer android versions?
Is there an /e/ future where LineageOS is not relevant anymore?

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The future is nice :slight_smile:

As you can see in forum and announcements, e is also developing for non Lineage devices. And e will deliver security updates for a lot of devices where lineage has dropped the support.

But no one knows which device will get the longest support.

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Please check the FAQ for the answer.

In terms of future updates, is it a safe bet to buy the Galaxy S9 considering the e foundation itself sells that phone?

What is safe … on this rapidly changing world?

Enough capital would be for /e/ perhaps a possibility to “buy” software developers for a longer period of time to further develop and maintain the service.

Let’s think back to the heyday of Nokia. Once a market leader and today …

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Safe in this rapidly changing world would be ~3 years. It used to be 2, now it’s 3.
So, I guess /e/ supporting a phone for ~3 years after it begins supporting I think would be good.