The German category shouldn't be hidden for everybody in /latest

Currently topics in the German category are not shown in /latest. It makes sense to hide the topics from users who don’t speak German, but those who do should see German topics in /latest.
One way this could be achieved would be to hide them by default, but not for users who track or watch the category.


I agree with the suggestion.
Another way to achieve this would be to display topics in the German category to users who joined the German group.

This issue will likely also affect other language specific categories, which might be created in the future.
Let me check with the admins, if such a functionality is configurable on the forum.

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I also agree and would love to know a technical way to implement this.

Discourse allows to exclude posts of a specific category from the Latest. This is what is currently done for German category so majority of users - not speaking German - are not exposed to those.

Having this exclusion not applied to German group members would the ideal solution - I had that same idea also - now I have not found a way to do that in Discourse.

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I don’t know if it’s possible to unhide a category for group members, but it’s certainly possible to unhide them based on each member’s individual notification status. In the Fairphone forum we hide the market category by default, but if you track or watch the category or individual topics in it those topics will appear for you in /latest.

Are you sure about that? Because for me as a registered user there are buy&sell-threads of the market category shown on

I made a few experiments and came up with the following setup which solves the problem:

  • make the German categories private
  • do not hide German categories from /Latest
  • change accessrights of German categories:
    • Disable access for “everybody”
    • Allow access for members of the German group

However this setup has as disadvantages, that posts in these categories can only by seen by people who are logged in and member of the German group and that the process for joining a group is not straightforward. So I would not recommend this solution.

Is it really such a big deal to have a look into the German section to check new post orf updates? they are highlighted in the overview, so you can see them a a glance

There is also a big drawback in making a category private, which is its content does not get indexed by Search Engines.

Not everything is set up correctly since the latest category rearrangement there, and you’re right, the market category doesn’t seem to be hidden by default, but it worked before. I’ll ask our admin to fix it and how to do it too and report back.