The Guardian Project

I hope an own /e/ application store will have the guardianproject repo in it.
Orbot is needed to use Tor on Android
and with Orwall any app can be forced to use the Tor network
My mobile provider didn’t even notice I accidentally exceeded the data limit!

As you may be aware you can also set a data limit warning in settings. Settings >> search in settings ‘Billing cycle’ it will take you to the screen where you can set a data warning limit. That trigger when you exceed the limit set.

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I did, but three months ago, beginning with /e/, I unattended uploaded 1G on video to e-cloud, so I really hope in an own /e/ application store the guardianproject repo will be available too, as it is in F-Droid.

This is an issue which we have been investigating on gitlab a fix for the same will be available soon. Thanks for the suggestion to add the app to the repository,

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Yes, and while uploading, the data limit was already set, but there was no warning. I gave this example because after three months it is for sure the provider didn’t notice: that is how good this guardianproject is for privacy!

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I would like to have this kind of functionality also. My “problem” with these kind of apps that they require rooting. I installed AFWall+ and i feel that i’m in control now, i only used 8Mb mobile data last 2 weeks. Maybe when the bug is gone i can achieve that kind of low data usage, i don’t know. What i do know is that if /e/ succeeds in low mobile data usage, it will be a huge +. I know lots of stories people loosing their complete monthly data bundle and they have no clue why.