The Music app that is used for /e/

What is being used for the Music app for /e/? It doesn’t look like Musicolet (which is an amazing app that doesn’t ask for internet permissions) so…what is it?

(just to show it’s not in the GitLab: )


Nope, it is not Musicolet at all. It’s Eleven, the same music app you find on LineageOS.



Thanks for the information. Do you know if it’s a separate fork or is it the barebones Eleven? Because I used Eleven and…man…it needed quite some work.

This is something I do not know, sorry :disappointed:

Is this still accurate? I looked at the /e/ apps in Gitlab and couldn’t see a music app. Is it still Eleven?

Yes. Settings > Apps and notifications > see all nn apps
Scroll down to Music and select it. Scroll down, click Advanced and scroll to the bottom, where you can see Version 3 and org.lineageos.eleven


Has anyone else lost the search feature on the default music app? (V3 of org.lineageos.eleven on a Teracube 2e running /e/). There used to be a magnifying glass icon at the top of the player that you could click to search your collection, but that is not present on mine. Maybe it’s a Teracube thing?

Is it possible to roll back the version of the app?