The mystery of the disappearing sim card and shutdown on the OnePlus 7 pro

Strange days indeed… I have had my sim card not be recognized by /e/ twice now. The One plus 7 pro will not even acknowledge the sim card slot has a sim card in it when it happened. Both instances occurred when my mobile phone went from an area of no service back into and area of service. When the phone went back into the area of service the sim card is recognized by the system but has zero service. To fix the service problem I reboot the system and that is when everything goes to hell. I resolved the sim card problem by removing the sim card a few times until /e/ eventual recognizes the card. However the phone will also power down when the card is reinserted and then it tries to go into lineage recovery. I try again and /e/ starts up. It takes a few tries of removing the sim card/shutdown but the sim card finally starts. Any idea what might be going on with the sim card and why it shuts down when you remove and reinsert it? my network is t-mobile if that helps

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I know you’ve already thought about it, but I suggest it anyway: try to use another sim on your phone, and to use your sim on another phone, so you can limit the problem to one of the two (sim or mobile phone) .
And then of course, you could also try doing a complete wipe and reinstalling everything later.
This is what I would most likely do.

I have had t-mobile replace the sim card a few weeks ago in turn I would think that would not be the problem. Its a problem I can live with for the time being since it has only happened twice so no need to nuke the os just yet. I wonder if the oneplus 7 pro has had sim card problems in the past. I may look into it over on the oneplus forums. However that does not explain why the phone shuts down when I remove and reinsert the sim card. :thinking: