The system has been destroyed - Help possible? Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T

Hi! Is there a chance to reanimate my phone (´The system has been destroyed´)? Apparently we´ve made a mistake while flashing the rom. Fastboot is still working. Cheers, Sven

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Is it like

Writing 'system' FAILED (remote: 'This partition doesn't exist')

seen here?

You have not yet broken out of the Xiaomi world. It looks to me as if you allowed the device to restart before you finished your intended install, and/or missed some “wipe” on the way, perhaps?

Perhaps you could provide some background?

A friend with a programming background did the installation, i sat next to him. He flashed something on the phone and the ´e´ of e-foundation and its navigation was visible. From his point of view, a command on the list was missing and he decided to take the most similar. But it crashed.

Afterwards he tried to flash a Xiaomi firmware back on my phone, without success. We didn´t do an image beforehand.

Are you using Windows or Linux on the PC? - and just to confirm the device is Ginkgo? :slight_smile:

He switched during the process from Win to Mac so the failure appeared with a linked Mac. We´ve downloaded the latest version of Ginkgo (17?).

The choices are to try to run the install instructions again, or flash the device back to MIUI, then start again.

My preference would be the second with an Xiaomi Flash Tool. The link to the Windows version is here. I do not use Windows.

When you say you failed, were you using such a tool? There is a method where you flash the ROM direct, but you must have the exact correct “Fastboot” ROM. (Edit, on my Redmi Note 9 the Fastboot ROM weighs 4GB and the upgrade or MIUI ROM weighs 2GB, use of the 2GB ROM might well produce a “destroyed system” message - as an aside!)

I would expect the Xiaomi Flash Tool to restore the phone without much problem.

Mac is a bit of a specialist subject. :slight_smile:

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Thanks aibd, i will forward your info!

if you have a working TWRP recovery, you could also find some valuable resources here : MIUI ROM Builder How-To -

Guide to TWRP : Xiaomi Redmi note 8/8T (Fastboot Install Method)