The Tasks app takes several hours to synchronize automatically

Hello !

When I access and modify my tasks on my desktop PC (in the browser interface at ), why does the “tasks” app on my smartphone take several hours to receive the info and synchronize automatically ? (with a network connection, of course).
It would seem a logical behavior that, when there has been a change via , the system should ensure that, as soon as my phone is connected to the network, it updates the data in the app automatically and as soon as possible. Instead, synchronization sometimes takes several hours (and the same applies to other apps in the /e/OS ecosystem).

By the way, it would seem logical to easily find a “synchronization” button in /e/OS … And that’s where it gets quite funny … the only recipe I’ve found for forcing synchronization requires me to perform 6 operations! → 1) go to the left-hand screen of /e/OS 2) on the widget with my murena account, “click” on the “settings” icon 3) choose my murena account from the list of accounts 4) click on “account synchronization” 5) on the screen that appears, click on the additional options icon (three vertical dots in the top right-hand corner) 6) validate the option that appears “synchronize now”.

If that’s not “hiding” an option… :wink:

I don’t understand this behavior of /e/OS (unless I’m the only one with this problem…)