The WI-FI chip is broken, I want to use a external USB adapter (Samsung S7)

Hi all . The chip that is responsible for wi-fi and bluetooth broke in my phone, I wanted to make repairs, but it turned out to be very expensive, I decided to buy a external USB adapter here.
I saw this program in F-droid but it is old …
Please tell me what program I need to download so that I can use my USB adapter?

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I have not tried an usb-wifi-adaptor but I just recently tried an usb-lan-adaptor with my S7 and it just worked fine, so I would just give it a try, maybe it simply works without the need for an extra app(?)

edit: wifi would of course require some sort of UI for credentials etc., not sure if the system provides it… the lan-connection did not require any UI…

If you are having difficulties I think it is more likely to be a kernel issue.

I do not have Android experience with such sticks but with Linux some sticks are known supported; while others are not advertised so.

On my S7edge I just tried 3 WiFi dongles I know work under Linux.
Nothing happened at all basically and I do remember having tried this in the past, without any real success.
Here is a summary, I found back then maybe it helps you:
networking - How to make Ethernet work on Android over OTG? - Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

@aibd @make-nz @obacht Hello . Thank you for your responses .

I have an old phone with Replicant, I’ll try to experiment with it the other day, since this program was developed by the Replicant developer.

After my breakdown, I thought it would be great if you could connect a compact USB adapter and when you need to use wi-fi and when you don’t need your phone is out of reach, of course this is not very convenient))

Is USB tethering an option for you ?

I thought this would be the opposite direction (?) (like pc can access internet via usb connection with phone that allows utilizing its mobile data connection)

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Hello . I think that you can consider this option, but the whole structure will be too big! USB adapter is compact, unlike a USB modem

Hello . No, I want to receive Internet using a USB adapter without using a wire or PC

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That’s why tethering is not an option as this is a completely different scenario imho