"Themes" app; Theming

Greeting dear developers of excellent firmware!

I, like many other users of almost naked Android (Im sure of it), very much lack extensive appearance settings.

Could you create a “Themes” app in which we could customize the look?
Add, for example, a blur option, the ability to change colors and apps icons.

In general, you can make a common config-file in which all these parameters are configured, for example, option = value, if, of course, it can be implemented.

Users will be able to share their custom themes, for example everyone will be able to raise their server on which the themes are hosted, the user enters the app “Themes”, select the server, select the theme and install it.
Or just clicks the “import” button and adds its config to its local collection of theme

To be honest, Im not a programmer, so I cant do something lile that myself, so I decided to throw this idea to you for consideration))

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There are plenty of alternative launchers which could satisy your theming needs.

Like “Themes” app? And what is the alternative?
I know about super-customizable-custom-launchers, but I like BlissLauncher.
Or how can I at least change the color, because there is only one choice

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Other launchers will not solve the problem.
Every app that does not have its own color scheme will follow the blue color set in ‘styles and backgrounds’
At the moment i use Kvaesitso launcher, with a ‘Dracula theme’ like color palette, and the blue color set in almost all default application (settings, dialer, bromite etc.) does not really match my color scheme.
I know this is a little incovenience compared to all the benefits that came from using a secure and privacy oriented os like e/os, nevertheless i think also little things deserve the right attention.