There is a way to install your Apps Store on LineageOS?


I read the long tread about where the apps come from to end as a paragraph on this page, which mention F-Droid which I already usenon my Nexus 7

but, my question is, there is a way to install the E Apps Store or cleanAPK on my LineageOS since E is not available for Nexus 7 ?

No, it must be a system app. It has to be include in the rom

Why don’t use f-droid and aurora ?

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Unofficial builds with Apps included availaible

But not in LineageOS. He was asking for using apps store with LOS

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i post builds, beacuse of this

Oh, I’m sorry I have overseen :disappointed_relieved:

It is available or not ? I understood people as requested but I didn’t see a E OS, even non official, for Nexus 7, only for LineageOS which I already have.

I use F-Droid and try to keep everything my device FLOSS, but you know sometimes, not everything is replaceable.

Thank for the tips, I just discover Aurora App

unofficial builds availiable

Cool, the LineageOS link was missleading my thought