There is more than just a smartphone in my life

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Yesterday I decided to bring my Fairphone 3+ back to Android, it took some searching but it worked.

Yes, now Google knows more about me, maybe that’s a bad thing. No, not really. The experience with /e/os has taught me that you should not keep programming too much with a smartphone.
In addition, /e/os will function very well on other devices, but in my experience it does not come too well on a Fairphone3+

The Fairphone has a lot of trouble processing everything, so the device regularly freezes and in the end I was done with it. It’s my everyday smartphone.

Now back to Android it seems that the Fairphone is running smoothly again, there was also an update to Android 11 installed.

However, I am more aware of Google’s followers because of /e/os, so I’ll probably soon have an Iphone 8 that will also trace something but that’s it.

There is more than just a smartphone in my life

And besides, I don’t want to become a slave to my smartphone.

For now, thanks for all the help and who knows, maybe I’ll buy a Murane smartphone someday.

Take care.

Greetings JdV

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That’s good to hear, in the troubleshooting sense.

Still interesting that other Fairphone 3/3+ with /e/OS are running fine. Well, perhaps we will know somewhen why that is, or not.

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