Thinking of buying a China phone to use with /e/, any connections to China after install?

Connections to most China IP ranges are being blocked by firewall in my WiFi router, and the logs are empty of drops for these rules.

my ‘unprofessional’ advice:
buy a (used) Xiaomi phone and flash a custom rom immediately. Then everything will be okay.


Thank you so much @harvey186 . Sounds awesome!


Personally I wouldn’t buy any chinese company phone, who knows who is telling the truth at the end of the day… So I would then buy on my other principle, I’m sure most if not all smartphones or parts of smartphones are made in china by why send 100% of profit to china by purchasing from Chinese company…(If you live in china, fine) However, I prefer to support companies from within my own economy so at least some of the profits goes back into supporting my economy with keeping people here in jobs etc. I use the same philosophy with mostly all my purchases. I will always try my best to buy local first.


Have you considered the Fairphone 3…? Given all the support for /e/ on that phone, i think it is likely that an /e/ version will soon become available!

Compared to ShiftPhone - 5me / 6m / 6mq it’s even cheaper. SHIFT GmbH, Germany, is having its
concept princely paid for.

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I think it will be very, very hard to find a phone with no parts from china or assembled in china.
Sure, there is the fairphone and one or 2 or 3 others.

But if you will find one which fits for you, perfect.

They are assembled in China. Who knows what spying parts are build in ?

For the time being, only the people who do it and are responsible for what they do.

I agree with you on purchasing second hand smartphones though… this is the best way.


PINEPHONE – “BraveHeart” Limited Edition Linux SmartPhone for early adopters $149.99

  • The “BraveHeart” Limited Edition PinePhones are aimed solely for developer and early adopter. More specifically, only intend for these units to find their way into the hands of users with extensive Linux experience and an interest in Linux-on-phone.
  • The “BraveHeart” Edition PinePhone does not come with default OS build installed, user needs to install their owns favorite build. Most of the OS builds are still in beta stage.
  • Estimate dispatch in mid January 2020

I have ordered one :+1::sweat_smile:

Yes might get one myself

Hi. If your phone is sending information back to China, I wouldn’t worry about it unless you visit China frequently. And, are you doing anything that would upset China? Then why worry? They have no taxing or legal authority in the US to do anything with the data anyway. I’d worry way more about what the authority in YOUR jurisdiction does with the info. Aside from that, it’s a good phone. Go ahead and sleep tight.

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And in China they do have a different language and different writing / letters. So they even won’t understand the data from us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grin::sweat_smile:


@cpgne My thoughts exactly. I would be far more concerned as to what the authorities in the USA were harvesting if I lived there. [and perhaps if we don’t live there]

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If /e/ was ready to be installed on the Fairphone 3 now I’d prob do that.