Thinking of buying a China phone to use with /e/, any connections to China after install?

I’m considering buying a Xiaomi Note 7 Pro or a OnePlus 6, 6T or 7 Pro to use with /e/. Can anyone tell me what exactly happens to a phone when /e/ is installed? Does it replace every data connection on the device? Will the device be able to ping China still due to some hardware or firmware issue? I really don’t mean to start any argument about who is bad or not, or that “everyone tracks so whats the problem”, but I hope someone can shed some light on what a Xiaomi/OnePlus (or for that matter, any type) phone can do after /e/ has been installed on it. Thanks!

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Hi, I have the same question! I am wondering about the Xiaomi phones to be specific. Is there some sort of code embedded in some chip so that, no matter what OS in on the phone, it ‘sends data home’?

I’m using 3 Xiaomi Phones and all my firewalls, netmonitor and TrackerControll never find a connections to China with custom roms. I never have started MIUI

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There are many accusations against the established Chinese electronics manufacturers, but so far no evidence.

In view of the mass surveillance of the Chinese people and the partial Internet blocking in China, as well as the unscrupulous Chinese counterfeiting scene (brand and product piracy), I do not trust them.

China-Shops as Alibaba & Co. as well as Amazon-Marketplace are the platforms on which a lot of illegal stuff is sold.

I’ve never heard of that. Knowing you, you’ve got proof to support such a claim.

Of course @harvey186 , I don’t only bubble to myself.

I’m surprised you haven’t heard of it, though. Well, there’s nothing that isn’t.

→ 26.09,2015 eRecht24: Vorsicht Abzocke: Betrüger kapern seriöse Shops bei Amazon

→ 25.07.2016 Amazon für Kriminelle Darknet - Stern

→ 06.12.2016 “Tatort Amazon: Mit seinem „Marketplace“ bietet Amazon auch Umsatzsteuerbetrügern eine Plattform. Laut Handelsblatt sind von den rund 5500 China-Händlern auf Amazon gerade einmal 375 beim Finanzamt in Berlin gemeldet. Damit können sie ihre Produkte problemlos 19 Prozent günstiger als die Konkurrenz anbieten.”

→ 01.01.2018 Amazon: Finanzamt beschlagnahmt Lager und Guthaben großer China-Händler

→ 11.08.2019

Amazon selbst warnt auf seiner Website vor so einem Zahlungsbetrug. Unter anderem betont der Konzern, dass Einkäufe auf Amazon de “niemals außerhalb von Amazon stattfinden. Auch sollen Nutzer niemals direkt an Marketplace-Verkäufer Geld überweisen. Die Bestellvorgang über den Marketplace findet – wie bei Direktkäufen von Amazon – über die Plattform statt.”

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There’s BEEN this kind of conversation recently.

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Connections to most China IP ranges are being blocked by firewall in my WiFi router, and the logs are empty of drops for these rules.

my ‘unprofessional’ advice:
buy a (used) Xiaomi phone and flash a custom rom immediately. Then everything will be okay.


Thank you so much @harvey186 . Sounds awesome!


Personally I wouldn’t buy any chinese company phone, who knows who is telling the truth at the end of the day… So I would then buy on my other principle, I’m sure most if not all smartphones or parts of smartphones are made in china by why send 100% of profit to china by purchasing from Chinese company…(If you live in china, fine) However, I prefer to support companies from within my own economy so at least some of the profits goes back into supporting my economy with keeping people here in jobs etc. I use the same philosophy with mostly all my purchases. I will always try my best to buy local first.


Have you considered the Fairphone 3…? Given all the support for /e/ on that phone, i think it is likely that an /e/ version will soon become available!

Compared to ShiftPhone - 5me / 6m / 6mq it’s even cheaper. SHIFT GmbH, Germany, is having its
concept princely paid for.

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I think it will be very, very hard to find a phone with no parts from china or assembled in china.
Sure, there is the fairphone and one or 2 or 3 others.

But if you will find one which fits for you, perfect.

They are assembled in China. Who knows what spying parts are build in ?

For the time being, only the people who do it and are responsible for what they do.

I agree with you on purchasing second hand smartphones though… this is the best way.


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