Third microphone seems not working after v1.16 update

I have a fairphone4 and yesterday I have updated /e/os to v.1.16 ( /e/OS1.16-s-20231017342507-stable-FP4) and today I had found that the third(“camera”) microphone seems to be not working during a telephone call but in the previous week I know it is working because I had enabled VoLTE and made calls.

Do you experienced this? Do you think it is a hardware problem or a software bug? How can I fix it?

I had tested it with simple recorder. Fairphone checkup doesn’t have the feature to test third microphone but only the first two.


Do you still have the problem or did you fix it?
Fp4 e/os/ 1.19.1 no microphone seems to work

It seems fixed but I didn’t anything other than updating the OS to the current last version.
The problem that you described seems different from mine.