Third party launchers


Learn to install an alternate App launcher from /e/ App Store to try it out and switch back to /e/'s very own Bliss Launcher just in case things do not work out as intended.


  • A smartphone with /e/OS
  • An App launcher in mind that you wish to try. For the purpose of this guide, we are going to try ‘Launcher’ by Yandex, a russian web giant.

Let’s roll.

  1. Open /e/ Apps Store to install, configure Yandex 'Launcher’

Pro tip: Did you notice the green notification dot on the top-left? It indicates there is an unread notification. Check your notification tray!

Install it and Open when finished.

Tap ‘Start’ to continue

Select wallpaper to Current or New, tap ‘Next’ to continue.

Tap ‘Permit all’ if you are sure about using the Yandex Launcher or tap ‘Later’ if you are just trying it out.

Again only tap ‘Set’ if you are sure about using the Yandex Launcher or tap ‘Later’ if you are just trying it out.

Tap ‘Always’ to set Yandex Launcher as Home to be able to try it out fully.

  1. Alternate Launcher, Yandex Launcher is this case is now installed and configured on your /e/phone for you to try it out.


App Drawer with Categories:

App cum web search:

  1. Revert back to /e/OS’s default Bliss Launcher

Open /e/OS Settings to navigate to ‘Apps & notifications’ settings therein

In ‘Apps & notifications’ navigate to ‘Default Apps’ settings

In Default Apps settings, tap on ‘Home app’ option to set it back to 'Bliss Launcher’

Go back to the home screen to verify the same. Back to Bliss… :smiley:

Remove ‘Yandex Launcher’ if not required any more by pressing and holding any of the App icons from the drawer until an option to delete User Apps appear on top-right of icoins as seen in the image below.

Tap on top-right dot of ‘Yandex Launcher’ to uninstall it completely.

Click OK to uninstall.

Thanks for reading!

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This man is howtos maker :smile:

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Please pay attention to the rating “Privarcy” when selecting apps from the /e/ Apps Store.

Tip for fans of purism:

F-Droid is an installable catalogue of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) applications for the Android platform. The client makes it easy to browse, install, and keep track of updates on your device.

The OpenLauchner can also be downloaded from F-Droid.


I know but I cannot suggest what people pick, it was totally random choice. It doesn’t have Google trackers at least. Some might love Microsoft launcher and I cannot decide for them.

I believe /e/OS’s own Bliss Launcher is best for privacy and functionality wise.