"This contact was broken and received a fix"

More beginner questions.

I set up my /e/ account to sync my phone. I had already saved some contacts on “Device” account. How do I move them to the /e/ account so they will sync? There isn’t an obvious way to just transfer them, so I exported them as a .vcf file from the Device account and imported the file in the /e/ account.

Everything looked good until I logged in with my laptop on ecloud.global to see if my contacts had made it. The first time I click on each one I get a message that “This contact was broken and received a fix. Please review the content and click here to save it.”

They look okay after being “fixed.”

What is this about?

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There is already an issue open : #1062.

Just added some details to help the devs :slight_smile:



It’s not an /e/ issue but Nextcloud’s. I have my own instance and it happens every time just the way you described.

Settings / Accouns / WebDav => there you can find in the Gear icon a section to set the interval for syncing between your cloud and your device. Usually every change you make on your device is imediatelly synced to the cloud.

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Wow, that’s a really good bug report! I wish I could get bug reports like that.

And, from your report, it really looks like the contact is getting fixed, not broken more. That’s reassuring.

Okay, thanks.

I’m new to /e/ and Android, so excuse what might be ignorant questions. I don’t have a WebDav account, do you have this because you’ve installed the Nextcloud app? Or maybe your phone is on a different Android release (I have a Nexus 6P on oreo). I haven’t installed that yet… reviews of the app are mixed.

Thanks, but I didn’t come with a fix, unfortunately :frowning:
Yes, the contact get fixed, so it is safe to apply the NextCloud suggestion.

I’m curious if using xDAV connectors will change anything …

WebDav is a way to communicate peers.
When you create your /e/ account you get a storage area in their servers. To communicate it with your phone (or your PC) the WebDav protocol is used.
So, by just installing /e/ OS with your /e/ account they’ll start to sync (the server and the phone and/or the PC).
If you, like me, would rather have your own instance of Nextcloud (meaning my storage area is on my server not in /e/'s) you just have to add a WebDav type account to begin syncing.

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That’s helpful, I think it explains some things I didn’t understand. I don’t have a “WebDAV” account listed yet in Settings because I have set one up; and I don’t need to set that up unless I want to sync somewhere other than the /e/ servers (I don’t have a need yet).

Is this correct?

Would setting up a WebDAV account let me selectively sync some files and not others? I expect to have some things on the phone I want to sync and some I don’t want to (my phone has more internal storage than I have on the /e/ server).

If you have an /e/ account, this is listed as such and not as WebDav.

If you want to have a different place to upload/sync your stuff, you must have an alternative server.

Without any tweaking, only Contacts and Calendar are synced by default. To sync files, you’ll need:

  • A server - either being hosted by you or in a VPS or /e/ 's
  • A Nextcloud app installed on your phone to sync Files, Contacts and Calendar and upload photos and videos.

I have a server and the Nextcloud app on my phone. I sync Contacts, Calendar, Files and Camera Uploads between them both. I do not use the /e/ server for anything but to run it on my phone.

I could do it all using /e/ but I prefer this way.

I have my own /e/ Cloud server, and everything gets synchronized without xDAV manual configuration nor NextCloud client (and a working Mail app).
But I get the same “contact broken” message.

Anyway, I was wondering if using a “manual” CardDAV configuration on the phone will use another DAV client and/or method, and thus eliminate the warning message in /e/ Cloud (official or self-hosted) ?

As I wrote in GitLab case, the message comes from NextCloud/Sabre enforcing the rfc.
So, as I don’t want to ask NextCloud or Sabre devs modify their code for us, I’m wondering which “layer” generates the REV field, and if the missing VALUE could be generated somehow ?

How is it done, please?

I tried to describe what I’ve done here : Self-hosted /e/ Cloud & Mail app
If you wish to experiment about that please let me know, i’ll be happy to help :slight_smile:

Thank you @smu44
I’ll sure read it.