Threema app: purchase can not be verified

I downloaded the Threema App with Aurora store using my Google account data that I used quite some time ago to buy the app. This and the installation went fine but when starting the app it says that the purchase could not be verified.

I tried adding a Google device account but that didn´t help. Contacted the developer but they say they don´t support purchases not made by official distribution ways.

I read here that people do use the app and therefore I am asking for help to solve this issue.

Thanks and greetings!

Hi, Threema offers 2 ways to purchase the app/license

  • via App-Stores (Google Play and the Apple equivalent) or
  • via the Threema shop as a downloadable app (

If it does not work with Aurora I see two options you have:

  • Just buy a new license in Threema’s webshop (that’s 2 or 3 Euros, isn’t it?) or
  • You go to Threema’s website and contact the customer service and explain your dilemma.

I’d suggest to try the 2nd option, like this they see that there are more and more people migrating away from PlayStore…
Good luck.

P.S. Threema is currently not available directly in /e/'s app store for the obvious reason that it is a paid app and /e/'s app store can’t deal with paid apps (yet?)


As @ralxx mentioned, there is no way for Threema to verify your purchase with the Apps store or the Aurora store, so the error message is correct per se.

If I remember right, this is how I did it:

(1) You need to export your Threema settings on your “old” phone.

(2) Install Threema from the Aurora store.

(3) Import your settings.

A successful import is a proof of purchase for Threema.

If you cannot do step 1, then you would have to buy a Threema license again.

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@nst0022 Thanks. This way it worked.

@ralxx I already contacted the developer as mentioned.