Threema Libre: Full Independence from Google Services


Is the 4.99 € a yearly fee or not ?

No, it 's a one-time payment.

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I have been using it for a few days and can only report good things about it. The only weak point: With the standard /e/OS keyboard, you no longer have emojis.

I have solved this by using the anyway recommendable “AnySoftKeyboard” (F-Droid)

Tap long @ Return to show Emojie Button with eOS Standard Keyboard… :wink:


I think they excluded gms classes inside the map-dependency for the libre-build to make this announcement - tough i’m not sure I read the build.gradle properly (Version 4.831 · threema-ch/threema-android@d63d3a3 · GitHub). So no location service is used for the map?

Did they always host their own fdroid repository? this is a nice attribute of the fdroid client.

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An alternative to telegram maybe…

It would be great if Threema Libre was available in App Lounge for download.

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I don’t think an app that requires payment - even a small one - is a good replacement for a free service that can be accessed by a FOSS app (Telegram FOSS | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository)

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I can recommend Conversations. No costs if you use a free XMPP server (which you may want to sponsor from time to time).

Having visibility and a choice of server is a good thing in my opinion, as you never know who is running it for other messengers such as Signal or Telegram.


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